Monday, May 25, 2009

To Do List For Summer

I know this is a boring post, but I like to keep this list where I see it frequently and I thought maybe some of you would have some ideas you're planning on working on this summer too that I could add to my list! :)

-molding for hallway cabinet doors (buy miter box to complete)
-paint kitchen cabinetry white
- add bead board to kitchen island (paint white)
-purchase pull out under cabinet storage system for kitchen cabinets (lowers)
-cut out middle shelf in hall closet (bottom closet) to install hampers
-organize basement "laundry room"
- floor lamp for better lighting
- folding table with hampers below
- easier to reach shelving for detergents, ect
- basket with hangers
- garbage can
- utilize workbench for tools, paint, ect to keep organized
- bring metal bookshelf upstairs to repurpose in craft room
-organize garage and get large trash cans for recyclables
- spraypaint two garage sale metal filing cabinets for craft studio

... to be continued :)