Thursday, July 15, 2010

Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

Same Kind of Different As Me is an amazing true story that shares the tale of an unlikely friendship between two men walking two very different paths in life.

Denver is a black, poverty stricken man who escapes from the confines of modern day slavery and as a result spends the next 18 years homeless. Ron is a wealthy art dealer from Texas who does not reach out to many, instead choosing to live his more than comfortable lifestyle. His wife, Debbie however feels led to help Denver and what follows is an incredible tale of love, faith and friendship between two men from whom no one would expect.

This book is written in two narratives from both Denver and Ron’s point of view. It covers so many topics from poverty, slavery and prejudice to compassion, mercy, faith and love. It truly is an inspirational book that opens our eyes to how on the most basic levels we are all so much the same, regardless of our different circumstances. I cannot recommend this book any more highly. It touched me and made me think about the world with a fresh perspective and I believe it will for you as well!

Disclaimer - This book was sent to my courtesy of Thomas Nelson’s Book Sneeze program. The opinions and review above are solely my own and I received no monetary compensation for my thoughts and opinion.