Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giveaway over @ Domestic Princess In Training!

If you haven't checked out Kendra's blog, you must go check it out! Her blog is one of my favorites and it's so cute too! She's hosting a giveaway here so go check it out and enter! I'm sure you'll want to stay a while and browse through :)


Cute Halloween Frame

I revamped this little project I made last year. Last year this frame just had the orange backing, black tulle overlay, and the words BOO (very terribly cut out i might add).

I have way more scrapbooking stuff this year, so I decided to give it a little face lift! Sorry there's no before pic! :)

I just used a fun, foam picket fence stamp, printed out my letters onto white card stock and cut them out, and glittered and stamped until I had something I thought looked cute! There are little grey "blings" in that tree but they aren't showing up in this pic =/. Not bad for a $3.00 frame from Walmart and some random odds and ends!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Updated "Open Frame" Halloween Decor

I finally finished up my decoupaged, scrapbook paper letters! I was going to hang them to look as if they were floating, but I hung them with sheer, .50 ribbon and I really liked the look!

I still need to add a crow and some cobwebs along with some more tags to the branches, but for now I'm really happy with it!