Monday, February 23, 2009


At Bible Study tonight with my grandma -- she talked to me about thankfulness and gratefulness. I think I really needed this lesson tonight. Lately I have been so stressed and my emotions have been all over the map. I actually CRIED yesterday because I bought a rug that didn't fit in with my home the way I thought it would.

Sometimes I really need to take a step back and realize all I have to be grateful for. I need to stop complaining and be so thankful -- truly, wonderfully thankful for all I have been given and just the fact that I'm here on this Earth.

Tonight when my husband picked me up after Bible Study -- he stopped at the store to pick up a gallon of milk for himself. I casually mentioned if they had a Reesee Peanut Butter Easter Egg, I'd love one (I'm dieting and was NEEDING that chocolate, lol). I saw my adorable, sweet hubby check out with his milk and then seeing a stand of those chocolates I'd ask for -- run over there and grab me one. Now I realize this is a small gesture but it's something I take for granted so often! I also take for granted the fact that he will ALWAYS turn on the car seat warmer for me before I get into the car or how many times a day he says he loves me.

I take for granted the roof over my head that I am so blessed with. Not only do I have a roof over my head, but it's our first home that we own. I cry over a rug that doesn't fit with my home, but forget to appreciate that I HAVE a home to decorate and be creative in. I have a safe home with a loving husband. I have 4 adorable dogs that I just love and that make me smile daily. I have SO many blessings that when I sit down to think, they so outweigh any of the small annoyances in life.

I complain and cry about my health issues, but I forget to give THANKS that I have a husband who has a job that provides us with health insurance so that I am able to get care affordably. I forget to be thankful that even through any health situation, I am still given the chance to be on this earth whether I be sick or healthy. I can CHOOSE to be grateful, thankful and at peace.

I am not the most religious person and I am learning daily about God. I am trying to reach out and further an understanding I don't think I've ever had. But right now, I am so thankful for my ordinary life with all of it's somewhat ordinary daily problems and annoyances. I am just so thankful and my heart feels so open and whole as I'm typing this.

And last but definitely not least, I'm grateful to my wonderful Grandma for sharing her knowledge of the Lord with me and opening her arms wide to help me. I am also thankful that the Lord shows me mercy. Even in all my non understanding, in all of my imperfections -- I am so thankful that I'm still loved.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Insomniac Post! :)

Hi guys! I just wanted to make a quick post showing off what my dear, sweet hubby got me for Vday!

I begged him not to get me flowers that would die, so he came through with this gorgeous orchid I've had my eye on for a month! I just love it! He also got me the cute card pictured, that adorable white tea light flower holder, and an herb garden that isn't pictured.. oh.. and a balloon (that's still kicking after over a week I might add ;) ).

I hope you all had a very wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones you love! I'd love to know what you got or what you did for the day!

Happy Monday!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you spend the day enjoying the ones you love whether they be friends, family, a boy friend, hubby, fiancee, ect <3.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Defining Personal Style

Often times I wonder what my style truly is. If I had to define my style I would say it is "coastal". I am not into beach themed home style per say, but I do really love the open airy-ness of blues, whites, and shades of grey. I love texture and natural inspirations.

But, when we moved into our first home - a 3 bedroom ranch I found myself decorating in a very Tuscan style. I was trying to work with the color scheme that was going on in the home when we purchased it, which was very nice -- but just not my taste!

I've lived with it for 2 years now and have been craving a change to get my home in more of the style I find so comforting and relaxing! I finally took the plunge and painted all of the main walls a warm, cream shade - Valspar's "Malted Milk". The kitchen still needs painted and I'm going to go with a blue shade. I think the hubs and I have decided on Ralph Lauren's "Beach Glass" -- it's a very pale blue that should work with the cream and give a little pop of color and life!

I want to share some pictures of the transformation so far! Please don't mind the mess, I didn't really "stage" these pictures -- I snapped them as I was cleaning and decorating!

The Before - I didn't mind this yellow paint but I just could not make it work. Those curtains were all I could find that would work and it just made the room so heavy and dark.

The "Semi-After" Pics --

The Dining Room Before --

And the "Semi-After"! --

Thanks for looking! I will share more rooms and more progress in these rooms as time goes by!


I'm settling down with a yummy cup of pumpkin pie tea and the last issue of Domino that I'll ever be paging through *sniff, sniff*. I actually just subscribed to Domino and this is only my 2nd and final issue! Luckily my sub was only $5.00 for the year so it was like BOGO :)!

What magazines are you all still enjoying?

I am still reading my Better Homes and Gardens but am looking to expand my design mag addiction!