Thursday, February 12, 2009

Defining Personal Style

Often times I wonder what my style truly is. If I had to define my style I would say it is "coastal". I am not into beach themed home style per say, but I do really love the open airy-ness of blues, whites, and shades of grey. I love texture and natural inspirations.

But, when we moved into our first home - a 3 bedroom ranch I found myself decorating in a very Tuscan style. I was trying to work with the color scheme that was going on in the home when we purchased it, which was very nice -- but just not my taste!

I've lived with it for 2 years now and have been craving a change to get my home in more of the style I find so comforting and relaxing! I finally took the plunge and painted all of the main walls a warm, cream shade - Valspar's "Malted Milk". The kitchen still needs painted and I'm going to go with a blue shade. I think the hubs and I have decided on Ralph Lauren's "Beach Glass" -- it's a very pale blue that should work with the cream and give a little pop of color and life!

I want to share some pictures of the transformation so far! Please don't mind the mess, I didn't really "stage" these pictures -- I snapped them as I was cleaning and decorating!

The Before - I didn't mind this yellow paint but I just could not make it work. Those curtains were all I could find that would work and it just made the room so heavy and dark.

The "Semi-After" Pics --

The Dining Room Before --

And the "Semi-After"! --

Thanks for looking! I will share more rooms and more progress in these rooms as time goes by!

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