Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Thrifty Treasures Time!

Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality hosts a fabulous linky party every Monday where everyone can show off their favorite thrifty finds of the week! I absolutely love looking at everyone's great deals and interesting finds and I love participating as well!

This week I got some really interesting things at some of my new favorite thrift shops and a local flea market! I was getting frustrated because our Salvation Army here is very overpriced and the selection is seriously lacking - but this weekend has given me a new found hope ;).

Ok, on with the treasures!!

Milkglass (I think) Pedestal Bowl - .99, Milk Glass Vase - .99, Old Atlas Jar - .49, 5 Wicker Chargers $5.00 total (all nwt)

Corner TV stand - 4.99, it's press board (maybe from Wal-Mart?) but it's going to get a dose of creamy, white paint so hopefully that will improve the looks of it! We REALLY needed something in this corner of our bedroom - before we just had our tv propped up on a little trunk and we had no dvd storage, so this is perfect for now!

Heavy, Snowflake Glass Dish - .99Tuscan Fine English Bone China Tea Cup and Saucer - 2.99 (Does anyone have any idea how to find out what pattern this is? There's a number on the bottom but when I google, nothing comes up and I've searched Ebay but haven't found this same pattern)
Vintage Stamps "New York State 100% Pure Honey" - .50 each, but the seller gave us both for .50! :)
Small Milk Glass Dish - .99 (sorry it is so hard to see!)
CUTE Tea light holder - .79 I really wish you guys could see the vibrant colors on this cute little thing! I just love it and there's glittered areas scattered around to mimic snow and it is the sparkliest glitter I have ever seen, love!
Deer Figurines - 1.00 each, but one ear was broken so I got both for $1.00! The red and green dots were just stickers so I removed those after I took this picture and my darling husband glued on the broken ear of deer # 2 :)

Vintage 60's Tin - .5 I LOVE those little houses! :)

Get Out Of That Pit - Beth Moore - .99 (I almost bought this for $21.99 a few weeks back)
Martha Inc - .49 (Excited to read this)
The Complete Christmas Book - .79 (By FAR this is my favorite find of the week. It was published in the late 50's I believe and it is the most fabulous, home making, Christmas book I have ever seen. I just know I'm gong to treasure this for years to come - Christmas in July for sure!!! :) )

Sorry about the next few pictures - I just ran out in my *very messy* garage to take them so I didn't forget to include them this week :).

6 old canning jars with the metal latches - $1.99

Vintage Cocoa - Cola Crate $5.00

Desk - $10.00 - This is a terrible picture, because I have it all pulled apart ready to be sanded, primed, and painted. I plan to use it for my sewing machine since it has those drawers which will keep my scissors, pins, and essentials close by.

Total - 39.04

Thanks for sticking with me through this LONG post - I know I got a lot of small things, but I really love everything I got.

It is so funny now that I've discovered thrifting, I'm really figuring out exactly what my true likes and dislikes are. I really have to search for the things that I like at sales, so when I find a treasure it's so much more meaningful for me than going to Home Goods and picking something off the shelf.

I find that I'm finding less and less at regular stores that I am drawn to. The prices just seem too high and there's no character or story behind the items. I've really enjoyed wondering about where the things I'm bringing home came from and giving them new life in my home!

I hope everyone found many treasures this week that are meaningful to you too! :)



  1. wow, you found some amazing treasures!!!!!!!

  2. You found a multitude of things! I love the pressed glass dish, since I collect sweet pieces like that. Try to check patterns for china. I need more chargers like the ones you found- got them at Wally World and didn't see them when I was there yesterday. Good buy on those! Have fun w/your desk re-do.
    :-) Sue

  3. You got some good deals. I know what you mean about the stores going up on prices. I won't pay full price for something at a thrift store.

  4. I love that vintage tin! So cute, and the Tv stand was a steal, and will look great after your makeover. Love those wicker chargers and all of the milkglass too! Alot of great finds!

  5. Hey!
    You really did find some lovely things. I’m on board with you! I get some much joy out finding things at thrift stores and yard sales. They really do have so much character. Another good thing is the inventory is always changing!

  6. I am pretty much in LOVE with that 60s tin! It's so so so cute!
    I think that was a great price for a TV stand!

  7. You rocked! Love your finds! Love the desk, the tv cabinet was a deal and will look wonderful white! Love the milk glass and the jars, all of it! Awesome!

  8. You will love the Beth Moore book. It is wonderful and encouraging and convicting. She is a wonderful writer/teacher.