Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thrifty Treasures Time!

I'm participating in one of my favorite parties of the week, hosted by one of my favorite bloggers - Rhoda over @ Southern Hospitality. Check out all of the great thrifted goodies found by her and other bloggers by heading over to her blog!

Here are my scores of the week!

ugly peach shelf I spray pained pink .25
yellow pottery urn .25

2 old books .50 each

Old Baking Tray? 1.00

Old Tin Molds $2.00 for all 5

Old Tin - .50

More Old Tin Molds .50 for all 3

Foil Bunny - .49

3 tiny plates w/peacocks - $1.00 for all 3

Kohl's Christmas Frame - not really my style but the 15.99 price tag on the bottom and the .99 goodwill price tag made for an impulse purchase. Maybe I can give it to someone who'll love it!


  1. You did great ! I love the old books the most !

  2. Be still my heart, I adore your old baking tin!