Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a few little things..

.. I've been working on!

I'm still in the midst of my craft room redo (on basically no budget, btw) - so it's coming together very slowly and in bits and pieces!

So far all I've really purchased for the redo was a 35.00 bookshelf from Walmart and I HATED to spend the money on a press board piece with no charming details about it whatsoever but I needed storage and for the time being it will work until something perfect comes along!

I wanted to share some cute, cheap little pretties I worked on today :)

This was a .99 cent "fake" silver tray - it's metal but not nice silver so I spray painted it in a satin pink and then sprayed the center with chalkboard paint (what else?!). After that I used a little bit of silver glitter and some varnish and just sort of swirled it around on some of the details. I really think it's cute and like the way it turned out! I still need to find a permanent home for it in my craft room, but here it is!
This next project really wasn't much of a project at all - I picked up two of these small sized plates at the thrift store for .29 cents each. I've seen some around blog land that looked similar and I've seen them displayed with cute ribbons woven through and used to write messages on them with dry erase markers. I just slipped a ribbon I had lying around through the holes on the edge of the plate and tied it up with a bow! I love it though and I hope I find more of these sometime soon! I can see them for any season displaying a cute greeting - love it!

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  1. I love the little tray!!

    And that white dish is adorable.