Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lots Of Great Stuff!

I got so lucky at the flea markets and thrift stores this past weekend! I found some things I really really wanted at great prices! I went a little overboard, but hey - sometimes a girl needs to splurge!

Please check out Rhoda over @ Southern Hospitality! She has a great Thrifty Treasures Party where you can see all the great finds everyone got this week - here's the link !

On to the goods!

4 Gallon Crown Crock - My MOST FAVORITE FIND! I actually went to a sale and this was marked at 50.00 - it was a moving sale and I only had 25.00 on me so that's what I offered, not sure what to expect from it. They said to come back tomorrow and if it was available they'd take 25.00. Luckily for me, it was still there! I researched these online and it seems they go for quite a bit more. I saw one at the flea market going for 55 so I feel like I got a great deal and I adore it!
Right now, it's storing my tulle and wrapping paper, but I can see endless possibilities for this just about anywhere!

$13.00 table (what I didn't take a picture of was the hideous faux tile contact paper stuck to the top, yuck!)

Which has already been transformed into this:

Vintage Horseshoes 2 for $1.50

Rubber Coated Wire Egg Baskets originally 10 each but 1/2 off so I got both for $10.00!

Vintage looking girl w/some sort of storage cup type thing on the back - .75

Heavy Glass Vase - 2.49

Milkglass Dish - 1.00

Metal Tray - .60

London Pottery Crock - .79

Tinsel Christmas Tree Figurine - .75

Wicker Basket - 1.00

3 Dimensional Flower Plastic "picture" (major makeover project) - 1.99 (overspent)

Old Small Drawer - $5.00 (currently holding my paints)

Small Milkglass Cup - .39

Small Wooden Shelf w/Brackets attached - .49

That's it for me - I hope everyone else had fabulous luck w/their thrifting!



  1. You really found some great things! I love that little table. The crock is awesome. I have a couple of horseshoes, one old one, and one new one from a Thoroughbred auction I worked. Dont really know what to do with them though. I bought that exact same Fire King dish this weekend, I posed about it on my blog as well! :)

  2. Love the little drawer, looks like it came from an old sewing machine cabinet.

  3. Wow! Great finds this week :)

  4. You really did get some great things this week! LOVE the crock!

  5. Great finds! I don't worry too much about the overspending...I think it all evens out in the end.

    I love your table, drawer, and crock. Excellent deals! Thanks for sharing.

  6. dunno where to start, you've got SO many good finds!

    I *heart* the job you've done on the bedside table!!

    great idea to use a drawer for storage!! Why didnt i think of that?!!

    I love the wire baskets and especialyl the HORSESHOES! So cool!