Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Branch Halloween "Art"

I've been really stumped this year on how to decorate for Halloween/Fall. I don't have a ton of furniture or surface space to place things on and I really wanted to bring something new to the walls.

I got this old picture for $4.99 at a thrift store over the summer and painted the canvas with blackboard paint - but it sunk in oddly so I just tossed it and saved the frame. I really like the look of empty frames on a wall anyhow - so I popped it up the other day (well my husband did, but you know what I mean, right?)

I wanted to make one of those "branch" Halloween trees where you pop regular old branches into some floral foam, cover with moss and hang ornaments for Halloween on it - however- I have that space issue and couldn't find a single place to put such a large thing.

So, after a visit to a park, and a perfectly shaped branch - I came up with the idea of floating my branch off of fishing wire from my blank frame! I actually REALLY like this! I know, I know - a dirty, outside stick on my wall, but it works for me for now and it was free :).

I'll have updated pics soon. I got B O O unfinished wood letters at JoAnns for 1.50 a piece so I'm modge podging them and I was going to set them in front of my t.v. - but i think I'm going to add hangers to the back and hang them in the frame, at the top in the blank space to finish off the look.

What do you think? Good idea or weird stick on the wall? :)

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  1. Your Fall décor is wonderful. I love the frame on the wall, great idea.

    Thanks for tell me about the doggie pepper spray stuff. I didn’t know they had something like that for dogs. I’m definitely going to looking into it. The first thing the vet told me was that I needed to buy a tazer gun! I was surprised that he said that but he said that people who have big dogs do not always know how to handle them and that I needed to be able to take care of myself. Since the who thing with Parker happened I’ve know 2 other people that were attacked by dogs, one was an incident with a pit bull at a dog park and the other was a lab who attack a Chihuahua…..crazy! I can’t believe I was never concerned about it before.