Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vintage Inspired SnowAngel Bottle

I was inspired to make one of these little cuties after seeing pictures on another blog. Hers were more vintage looking and completely beautiful! I wish I could show you her pictures, but I have searched everywhere for where I originally saw the idea and I cannot find the blog! If you have any tips - please let me know as I'd love to link to her (hers are SUPER cute).

I used a glitter chipboard frame, some cardstock and put together some beads for a little bit of sparkle! It's "belly" is filled with feathers or "angel wings"

I used upholstery tacks for the eyes, a swarovski green bead for the nose, and the smile are flat back swarovski crystals as well. I love the springy little angel "halo" because it can bounce around, so fun!

I'm debating on adding hand made bent metal wings to the back for some more interest. I also thought it could be cool if the wings could almost be a picture holder if that makes sense.

What totally helped me with this project was to get a ziplock bag and grab everything I thought I'd like to use for the project before starting. An "inspiration bag" you could say! I picked through anything silver, girly, pink ,white, sparkly and ended up using a lot of what I pulled. I'm not sure I would have gotten started w/out that bag!

I am REALLY loving making these and plan on making a whole group of different types and some creepy Halloween ones coming up soon!

Sometimes I get so into my house projects I forget how satisfying it is to just sit down with a bag of "stuff" and turn something from nothing :)

I am catching up on comments and emails today! I am so excited whenever I get a comment and love checking out everyone's blogs also, but I started taking online classes and cannot believe how swamped I get with that - so I have got to get better about commenting in a timely fashion! I appreciate every single comment <3.

I hope you are all having a VERY WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!!!



  1. OMGOSH that is the CUTEST thing!! I'm totally copying this idea, thanks!

  2. What a cute idea! She is cute! Can't wait to see what you come up with for Halloween!! Hugs!

  3. That's really cute!!

    Thank you for visiting!

  4. Very super cute - great job !! Love the little swirl hat on top !
    I also stopped by to thank you for visiting me after my surgery ! I can hardly wait to get to crafting soon !
    Hugs -Kammy