Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor Finale and After The Rose 1 Thoughts

This post will definitely contain spoilers (if you haven't already read them courtesy of other internet blogs out there) so please stop reading now if you haven't seen the show yet :).

I absolutely (haha) had to blog about this because while I realize I am getting upset over reality tv and just how sad that truly is -- I was SO totally disgusted with the 3 hour show last night. I had read the theories on what would happen beforehand so I was prepared and I did believe they'd be true -- but watching it was so much more horrible than I thought it could be!

Maybe it is just part of being a woman and knowing how it feels to be broken hearted or broken up with, but the emotions I felt watching the show were definitely coming out!

As you all know basically "the bachelor" Jason Meznik chose Melissa on the season finale over Molly. It was a very cute proposal and they seemed very happy --- aaaaaaaaaaand the show is over. A moment later we see "the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER" in which Jason proceeds to dump Melissa on national television, ask Molly back and then proceeds to suck face with her. YUCK!

Now I am not so disillusioned to think that Melissa and Jason would definitely end up together even though she "won" and quite honestly I think the Bachelor makes intelligent, beautiful women look like absolute emotional train wrecks as they sit around competing for the same man. Hello? Where is their dignity and self worth??

But like so many others, this season drew me in with the premise of poor Jason who was broken hearted after being dumped by the Bachelorette DeAnna. The "single dad" with a heart of gold who just wanted what was best for his son and to complete his broken family tag line tempted me to yet again with this season after I swore off of it after the Andrew Firestone season.

I. Am. So. Over. The. Bachelor.

Seeing a grown man break a woman's heart on national tv and do it so coldly and in such a classless manner really just disgusted me. Surely this man who had gotten down on one knee only to be rejected by DeAnna would never subject another person to the same (or worse) fate. Or would he??

He proceeded to sit with this pained expression on his face that was so contrived and tell her that "something" had changed. What was this magical change? Well you know -- he just couldn't say. It had to do with "chemistry" and the fact that he was in love with Molly. He goes on to tell Melissa that he put 100% into them and Melissa doesn't look like she believes him one bit and to be honest I don't blame her. In one breath he tells her that "something" changed but he gave it his all, but he's still in love with Molly? I don't think you can give your all to anyone when you are fantasizing about girl #2. Melissa called him out saying that he didn't want to make their relationship work, he just wanted to give up and not fight for them, regardless of the promises he made her.

I think Melissa handled herself with grace and class and it completely broke my heart in the limo when she said something was wrong with her because she's always the dumpee. I seriously wanted to jump through the tv and give her a giant hug.

Molly on the other hand -- I felt she was clued into the whole situation and was way too giddy to see her dumpee. She took him back without question and was sucking face with him within minutes. Now I'm sorry -- but even if she WAS excited to get back together with this dirty two timer with his pathetic lines about "her eyes" (insert gagging noises here), she could have at LEAST downplayed it until a better, more appropriate time. Making out with him and giggling like a school girl after knowing what he JUST did to Melissa was one of the lowest things I've seen lately.

Maybe they just deserve each other.

OK, so there are my feelings on this Season of the Bachelor. I will NOT be tuning in tonight -- or ever again. I learned my lesson, lol.

What were your thoughts on the Bachelor?


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