Monday, March 2, 2009

Five Random Facts....

... About Me!

1) My dream is to open a cupcake shop. That's it -- just cupcakes - I *love* all things cupcake!

2) I think I want to be a mother and I hope the timing is right within the next few years to try.

3) I have design and craft ADD. I start one project, stop in the middle to do something else, and pick it back up later (much to my husband's annoyance, lol).

4) I lived in the Boston area for a little over 4 years and moved back to my small hometown for personal reasons. I MISS Boston terribly and really pray that my husband and I can move back there sometime in our future.

5) I'm anxious. I've come to learn to live with it instead of fighting it. I'd love to "go with the flow" and never worry. But I'm a worrier and I struggle with panic/anxiety disorder actually. I'm naive and have an overactive imagination and often this leads to thoughts that make me a nervous wreck!

Ok, now that I've completely over-shared -- please feel free to share 5 random facts about yourself in the comments!


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