Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Projects!

I have more project floating around in my head than I know what to do with! Isn't that usually the case with us crafty people though?

I wanted to share a few of the things I've been working on and a few pictures of updated decor around this lil place I call home! :)

*New Blackboard on the kitchen wall with some new hooks for aprons and potholders :) The cute apothecary jar is filled with a small white candle, two colors of sand, and a starfish! I found the pretty pink damask napkins at home goods and priced at only $7.99 for a set of 4, I couldn't resist!
*This side table started out as a Craigslist find. It's heavy wood and at only $20.00 I snapped it up! I knew the dark wood was too heavy for the redecorating I'm doing now, so it got a coat of "Beach Glass Blue", Ralph Lauren paint and now it's turned from sad and neglected into --

* -- a perfect "catch all" table right inside the living room, off of the front door! I just love the color and the table perfectly fits our "leash" basket. With 4 dogs, it's a necessity!

*Here's an updated look at the Living Room. I picked up the pretty lampshade on clearance at Target for $8.99 and while I don't think this room is it's permanent home, I love the shot of "spring-iness" it adds for now. I'm still on the hunt for curtains I like and the right Dash and Albert rug for the space, but it's starting to come together :).

What Spring projects are you working on?


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  1. Wow I love what you did with that table, it looks so nice now!!
    Thanks for saying hi over at my blog!
    : )